California Mission Asistencias and Estancias

Interior of the church at San Antonio de Pala Asistencia

Many of the California Missions had extensions, or submissions (asistencias), or ranchos (estancias), created to extend the reach of the missions and serve a larger community.

At one time, there were plans to forms an inland chain of missions, starting with the asistencias, to parallel the 21 coastal missions. The plans never materialized, and little remains of the asistencias. In fact, very few records of the asistencias survive.

Surviving asistencias include:

San Antonio de Pala Asistencia

San Antonio de Pala Asistencia

Location: 3015 Pala Mission Road, Pala, CA

Founded: June 13, 1816

San Antonio de Pala was a sub-mission of Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.

The Pala Asistencia is still in use as an active Catholic church, serving the nearby Pala Indian Reservation.

Santa Ysabel Asistencia

Santa Ysabel Asistencia

Location: 23013 California 79, Santa Isabel, CA

Founded: September 20, 1818

Santa Ysabel was a sub-mission of Mission San Diego de Alcalá.

There is nothing left of the original asistencia. The current chapel, shown above, was constructed in 1924. There is also a small historical museum on the site.

San Bernardino Asistencia

Location: 26930 Barton Road, Redlands, CA

Founded: 1819

There is some debate about the status of this complex. It may have been a sub-mission of Mission San Gabriel, although it may have been a simple estancia, or ranch.

The current structure on the site is a reconstruction, based on San Antonio de Pala Asistencia. There is also a small museum.